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Why Mobile-First Web Design is Vital for Your New Wirral Business Website

The shift in search traffic from desktop to handheld devices has forced businesses to make a similar shift in web design principles. Today, web developers design their websites to perform well on mobile devices first, rather than trying to retrofit desktop designs onto smaller screen sizes.

That’s why, if you’re looking to scale your new Wirral website to thousands of visitors a month, you should consider a mobile-first approach to your web design. So let’s explain what we mean in a little more detail.

What is Mobile-First Web Design?

It’s predicted that by 2025 nearly 75% of all internet users will access the internet solely from their phones. That startling statistic means it no longer makes sense to design websites for larger screens and leave the mobile site as an afterthought.

Mobile-first design is a specific type of web design where everything is first designed for smaller screen sizes and then scaled up. This approach ensures your customers have an optimal user experience on whatever screen size they’re using.

A smaller screen obviously has limited space. Therefore, web design for mobiles focuses on simplicity and deciding which elements are the most important. When scaling up a mobile-first design, designers then have a solid foundation to build upon when presented with more space.

Aren’t Responsive and Mobile-First Web Design the Same Thing?

While they are similar, they refer to slightly different aspects of web design.

Responsive web design creates a design that adapts to whatever screen size it’s displayed on, intending to eliminate any need for the user to pan or zoom. However, up until very recently, this scaling method started with the big picture (desktop) and scaled it down to smaller screens (mobile).

Mobile-first web design, on the other hand, utilises responsiveness, but in the opposite manner. It starts by creating the best looking and functioning website on mobile before scaling it up to larger screen sizes.

The added advantage is that upsizing functionality in web design is far easier and more intuitive than shrinking an existing layout while trying to retain usability.

What Are The Benefits of Using a Mobile-first Approach to Web Design?

On average, a person will spend five hours per day on their phone. Therefore, it’s only common sense that you would want to benefit by choosing a mobile-first approach to web design!

But just in case we need to convince you any further, here is a full list of the benefits of mobile-first web design.

1. Improves Your Google Ranking

Mobile-first web design will improve your site’s performance and search engine rankings. Google, in particular, announced mobile-first indexing in 2018, and other search engines quickly followed suit. The rollout of the mobile-first index began in 2021.

Mobile-first indexing means that sites that function best on mobile will rank highest and appear first in search results.

So don’t make the mistake of being left behind!

2. Improves User Experience

When customers access your site, the last thing you want is for them to become frustrated with poor web design. Mobile-first design ensures your customers have the best possible user experience.

The simplified and straightforward design makes navigation through your site a breeze, driving up customer satisfaction.

3. Improves Conversion Rates

Currently, desktop conversions are outperforming mobile conversions. However, when you look at the steady increase in the percentage of mobile conversions, you can see that it’s a matter of time before mobile conversions take pole position.

Opting out of mobile-first web design means you risk losing out on those customers both today and in the future.

4. Lowers Your Need for Large Website Updates

Since the world is moving increasingly in the mobile direction, starting your website plans here (rather than on desktop) ensures the longevity of the design. You won’t need to revamp everything in a couple of years. Instead, routine maintenance and periodic updates will be enough.

Choose Mobile-First Web Design Experts for Your Wirral Company’s Website

We hope this article has made t4he case for mobile-first web design. It really is vitally important for your business website to stay relevant with both Google and your customers. Plus, you will enjoy the benefits of customers enjoying the superior functionality of your website over competitors.

If you’re looking for a web designer for your new Wirral business, make sure they operate with a mobile-first design ethos. Here at Ctrl Alt Create, we follow mobile-first design principles and prioritise simplicity in design, intuitive navigation, and eye-catching visuals.

Contact us today to chat about what we can do for your Wirral website. We look forward to designing a website that lasts for you!