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What Is Web Design?

Here at Ctrl Alt Create we specialise in web design. But what exactly is web design? Put simply, web design is the process of creating websites. Everything about a website, including the way it looks, the way it works and its content is decided by web design.

The whole process of web design incorporates the planning, creating and updating of websites. Web design also includes information architecture, the structuring of the website, colour schemes, icon design, imagery, UI design & user testing.

The mark-up language HTML is used to create websites, with CSS used to control the appearance of elements on the webpage. Here is an informative YouTube video that provides some in in depth information:

How To Start Designing A Web Page

Before you start designing a web page you need to decide on how the page is going to look and function, based on what content the page is going to display. This information is needed to ensure you design a successful web page.

Here at Ctrl Alt Create our web design team like to sketch out a web page layout during the design process. The team then decides the best way to incorporate the information within this page. Here is an example of some of our web design, web page sketches:

web design wirral

If you are looking to hire an experienced web design team, then please email our team at hello@ctrlaltcreate.co or call us on 0793 9006 826. Our web design service is ideal for businesses in Wirral & across the North West.