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Web Design Trends 2017

In web design, trends are constantly changing as designers & developers innovate further as the shift towards mobile continues.

Mobile First

In 2017 we believe web designers are going to start designing for ‘mobile first’, more than ever before. Smart phones are now officially the device at the forefront of web browsing in the UK. For this reason, it makes sense to design websites that deliver information effectively on smaller screens. Websites and their content will be designer to fit smart phone screens first, working up to bigger screen sizes.

Smaller screens mean that web designers will only place concise, necessary information on mobile first web pages. Web designers will do away with any fancy features that affect a website’s loading speed.

The Rise Of Visual Media

We predict that the use of visual media such as video and animation will rise. Videos and animations can instantly grab a user’s attention and are a great way for a brand to tell their story. Although the user of video in web design is nothing new, we believe the increase in cheap high quality cameras (smart phone cameras) will lead to more brands implementing this feature, due to the fall in production/equipment costs.

Increased Use Of SVG’s

SVG’s can be very advantageous, in web design, due to the huge variety of screen sizes now used to view web pages. Unlike JPG, PNG & GIF, SVG’s are composed of vectors and not pixels. Put simply SVG’s will look fantastic no matter how small or large you make them, unlike pixel based images that will become distorted.

SVG’s can also be animated and don’t require HTTP requests, which can slow your website down and harm your websites Google speed score.


We believe that web design in 2017 will become more ‘stripped back’. Home pages/landing pages will act as more of a gateway to other information within a website. User interfaces will make use of a ‘card’ like structure. Netflix’s website is a good example of this.

web design wirralLess Stock Photos, More Personality

Our web design team has noticed a sharp decline in the use of stock images on websites. Businesses are starting to put ‘faces to their brand’ by using images of their team and offices.

Long Scrolling Web Pages

Long scrolling websites are becoming more and more common. This seems to be influenced by the likes of Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, with their bottomless scrolling. As users become used to this scrolling action it only makes sense to implement this in web design.

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