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Top SEO Tips You Should Try in 2020

We all know that Google loves to update its algorithm frequently. Approximately, they make 500 changes every year. This means the world of SEO Wirral is ever-changing and it can be mysterious. For businesses, SEO is crucial to land on the top search results. With so many changes, it gets confusing to decide what to do and what not to do. It’s easy to miss something that can lead to your content being invisible.

When you get it right, you can get benefits like increased traffic, more conversions, enhanced lead generation, and more sales.

In this post, we have outlined some SEO Wirral tips for you to follow.

Optimise Your Websites for Mobile

In recent times, almost 90% of people use the internet on their mobile. This means you should focus on making your site mobile friendly. According to Google, in September 2020, they will be shifting websites to mobile-first indexing. It means to rank on the top results, you need to focus on mobile user experience.

So, stay ahead of your competitions by making your website mobile-friendly.

Add High-Quality Images

The best and easiest way to boost your SEO ranking is by incorporating quality images in your content. It’s no secret that people love to watch videos and get information through images rather than text. Both images and videos are excellent ways to provide information to your audience.

When it comes to adding pictures, you must keep in mind the size and format. Resizing or compressing the images is critical for delivering exceptional user experience. In case you use small images, the visitors will not be able to see clearly. If you use large images, it will increase the loading time, meaning your page will become slower.

Focus on Loading Speed of Your Page

Another great SEO Wirral tip is to increase the loading speed. Many people are not aware of the importance of fast loading time. When you have a slow website, not only will it get you a bad ranking on Google, but it will negatively affect your audience. This will result in people not visiting your website. So, it is crucial to have a web page with fast loading speed.

Use YouTube

One of the best SEO Wirral tips is to incorporate a YouTube video on your webpage. This sends a message to Google that your content has more value. So, you will rank better on the result page. In this way, you will be providing rich content to your audience as well.


With these SEO Wirral tips, you can take your SEO game to the next level. It is crucial to make your website mobile-friendly and increase the loading speed. This is because nobody likes to visit a slow loading website. Embed YouTube videos in your content to be more valuable to the audience. High-quality images have a key role to play in SEO ranking.

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