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Top SEO Hacks That You Need To Know About

Search engine optimization or SEO for short is the lifeblood of digital marketing. Perhaps, you might think that you already know good keywords to optimise your website but might still not be able to beat your competitors in the search results. Not every business has the time or money to commit to a long-term SEO strategy. However, there are certain tweaks that can help change your luck. You do not need years of SEO Wirral training to utilise the hacks mentioned in this post and can start implementing them immediately. Let’s take a look at the top SEO Wirral hacks.

Distribute The Link Authority Of The Home Page To The Most Crucial Pages

It is obvious that the home page would attract more links as compared to any other web page. This is why it is crucial that you develop an SEO strategy that focuses on making sure that the link authority is effectively directed to the most crucial subpages from the home page. Although Google renders AJAX and JavaScript better than before, it is always better to opt for plain HTML links.

If you have already included the most important category pages in the top navigation, you should not forget to also include links for the most important products or ones you need to ranks. For those of you that do not have any product pages, it would be best to feature landing pages and articles in the body. Make sure that the links are clear and prominent to offer an amazing user experience to visitors.

Avoid Using Huge Images

One of the most important SEO hacks that you need to know about is avoiding huge images. It is common for content creators and designers to not consider the resolution or file size of the image when adding it. They do not reduce the maximum size of the image. When you use huge images, it slows down the website as it would take a lot longer for the site to load which would hurt the user experience and ranking. Simply optimize the image on the website.

Determine Whether People Are Linking To 404 Pages

Find out if URLs return to a 404 page on your website. You can use Google Search Console to check which pages on your website are 404. You can check from where they are being linked. Thus, you should have the issue fixed immediately. It is easy to recover link equity.

Leverage That Video, Article, Or Micro-Site

Micro-sites, articles, and videos provide you with the perfect opportunity to boost attention and brand awareness. If you are hosting content on another domain, you are wasting a great SEO opportunity. As the buzz subsides, the content would have plenty of links that should point to your website. It is always better to host content on your own website.


The SEO hacks mentioned in this post will help you boost your rankings in no time. Pay attention to each hack for the best results.