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Top Overlooked SEO Metrics That You Need To Know About

SEO metrics provide us with many valuable insights. Although they are very important, many people tend to overlook them and have no idea that they even exist. These metrics can be leveraged to take your website to new heights. Whether you are a marketer or an entrepreneur, you need to take advantage of the following overlooked SEO metrics.

1. Distribution of Top Keywords

One of the top overlooked SEO metrics that you need to focus more on is keyword distribution. It represents the ration of your top-performing and non-ranking keywords. You can use this graph for finding out if the keywords are healthily distributed or not. It also provides you with an idea about just how stable the rankings are. Thus, you can keep track of your rankings.

2. Average Position

Another SEO metric that you can use is average position. It lets you know how the overall search rankings are performing and improving. The metric calculates the sum of the rankings and divides them by how many keywords you are using for keeping track of your website. Even the non-ranking keywords are used to provide you with valuable insights.

3. Average Position of Keyword Segments

Branded keywords allow you to rank for different characteristics based on user tastes and behaviour. They offer the highest rankings and CTR as well as the lowest bounce rates. Since users who search for your brand specifically are aware of your brand, branded keywords need to be treated differently. Keyword segmentation is very important as keywords should be divided into separate lists based on search volume, context, and location. This allows you to insert the right keywords in your content for better optimization.

4. Number of Indexed Pages

In an ideal world, indexed pages would increase in a linear fashion. However, at present, it is vital to visualize the number of indexed pages for observing healthy growth of the site pages. If the Google search results page shows a downward trend, you will need to put in more effort to get things back on track.

5. Click Potential and Search Visibility Index

Other notable metrics which you need to consider include click potential and search visibility index. For those of you who do not know what search visibility index is, it is the percentage of potential conversion traffic for a specific keyword and its ranking. Each rank would have a visibility factor number that will help calculate the percentage of potential conversions. The number one keyword would be the one attracting all the traffic. On the other hand, click potential lets you know the number of estimated clicks that should be expected based on the search volume and current rankings of the selected keywords.


Now that you know about the top overlooked SEO metrics, you can rank higher and boost your conversions. The importance of utilizing these SEO metrics cannot be stressed enough. Invest in these metrics for better performance online. You will be amazed by the results.

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