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Top 5 Benefits Of SEO

Want to learn about how to improve your website’s visibility?

You searched on Google and suggestions are loaded with different results.

You will select one of the top websites on the first page. Why?

This is because you find them the most relevant. Just basic online consumer behaviour!

In the same manner, every company wants their website to be suggested on the search engine’s very first page.

This is in simple terms called, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

In this article, I will tell you all about SEO, how it works, and the Top 5 Benefits of SEO for your business.

So, let’s start.

What is SEO?

SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimisation, which is a method of increasing website traffic both in terms of quality and quantity. This is done by making the website user-friendly and providing relevant content to users. And your website will be rewarded by being displayed as a top result on the search engine.

How does it work?

Search engines want to provide high quality and most relevant results to their users. And to do this search engines crawl and scan different websites to learn what they are about. Hence, it picks keywords and different topics from the websites and when a user searches a topic on a search engine, it matches the keywords and suggests those matched websites.

In the same way, the search engine also determines how easy a website is to navigate and read, and on that basis, the user-friendly websites are ranked better and shown in the top results of search engine pages.

Top 10 Benefits of SEO

1. Drives Quality Traffic

SEO is one of the best tools for inbound marketing. You only attract customers to your website who themselves wanted the exact information that you have on your site. SEO helps you put that information in a user-friendly manner in order to be ranked higher on SERPs and bring in quality traffic to your site.

2. Improves Credibility and Builds Trust

Ranking at the top of SERPs shows the credibility and trust of the website. It shows that people have searched you and you are popular. It takes time and hard work of SEOs to build such credibility and trust.

3. Improves Website’s User Experience

It is very important that SEO improves the website’s user experience else it will lose its SERPs ranking. You can improve your website experience by putting up relevant content, photos, support text, make it easier to navigate, and don’t forget to make it a mobile-friendly website.

4. Increases Brands visibility/Awareness

When you are ranked on top of the SERP, it is a fact that more people will look at your website, thus raising awareness about your brand. The more people are aware of your offerings, the chances are higher that they may purchase in the near future.

5. Higher Conversion Rate/More leads

If your website is optimised by proper SEO, there are higher chances of conversion rates. The customer is actually searching for your product already and therefore it is easier for them to make a purchase once they land on your website.

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