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The Latest Ecommerce Web Design Trends

Online shopping has become more common than ever before. As more companies go online, it is important to have a killer ecommerce web design. Ecommerce web design in Wirral is the way to go. Ecommerce web design trends have completely evolved in recent times. This blog post looks at the latest ecommerce web design trends that are bringing about change. If you want to succeed in the world of today, you have to take advantage of the following trends.

Motion In Product Images

One of the most popular web design trends that you need to know more about is motion in product images. This theme takes advantage of very advanced visuals and incorporates motion design. What this means is that there are more dynamic moving images and less static ones. There is a switch to more videos, animations, micro-interactions, and cinema-graphs. Modern technology has made it possible to utilise more motion design elements. They allow you to capture the attention of visitors.

There are many practical benefits of motion in ecommerce design. It is perfect for showcasing your products in a much more realistic way. With motion design, you can provide shoppers with a better idea of what they are purchasing. Thus, you can expect increased conversions and decreased returns as consumers will have more access to information.

Unconventional Grid Layouts

The typical square grid layout has been used by ecommerce sites for quite some time now. Strict columns and rows of the same products brought a structure to the sites which made browsing a lot easier and offered a responsive design. However, there is a new trend where ecommerce sites are trying out new layouts and they seem to be effective. Thus, many online stores are ditching the grid bandwagon for something more unconventional. One of the main advantages of leaving the homogenous world of grid layouts is that it allows your design style to stand out from the crowd. It will help give your site a modern and edgy feel which is crucial if your brand is all about standing out. This way you could try to draw more attention towards certain products. It will allow you to highlight the best items strategically.

Landing Page-Product Page Hybrids

Another new web design trend that is taking the online world by a storm is landing page-product page hybrids. In the past, online stores believed that the shopping experience should begin from the homepage, and customers were expected to find their way to the product. Although it might still be true for some online shoppers, many people are looking for an alternative shopping experience and expect companies to catch up. Since most social media posts and ads direct interested shoppers to the product page rather than the homepage, it makes sense to utilize landing page-product page hybrids. It means that more elements will now appear on the landing page which would result in hybrids such as mini-stores.


The world of ecommerce web design is always changing. If you want to boost sales and offer a unique shopping experience to your target audience, you should consider switching to one of the web design trends mentioned in this post