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4 Essential Elements Of Shopify Web Design

A common mistake made by plenty of brands is holding back on website design. Rather they focus on ads, product, and marketing. An online store can have the best marketing and products, but if the website design is poor, it will lose a lot of revenue.

Several factors make up a good website design. Today, in this Shopify web design blog, I will be sharing the pillars of e-commerce design.


Navigation is an essential part of your website design. Customers don’t spend a lot of time on a website where they have to spend minutes figuring out how to find a product. That is why it is crucial to make navigation easy and quick for your customers. Good navigation will improve the online shopping experience.

Also, navigation will have an impact on the theme of the website. For instance, if you have a wide collection of products, you must select a theme with a big menu.

Here are some essential headers for a website.

  • About Us
  • Best Sellers
  • Contact Us
  • Shop


In present times, people spend most of their time on mobile devices and they even surf the internet on their mobile devices. However, many websites are designed to keep desktop browsing on the mind.

When it comes to the Shopify e-commerce website, it will be responsive as the website will adapt to varied sizes and devices.


It is one of the most crucial elements of e-commerce web design. When a customer visits your website, they don’t know anything about your brand, your commitment to customers, and the quality of products. if you want them to make the purchase, they need to trust you.

The customers must have peace of mind that when they buy from you, they will be getting products as advertised.

To build trust, here are some essentials.

  • Technical Certifications – do make sure you have added Shopify payments. This will help your customers rest assured that you are using the latest security technology for protecting their information.
  • Contact information – you should mention your phone number, address, and email address along with the About Us page. This will help them feel like they are buying a person.
  • Return Policy – it is an effortless way to build trust. Having a return policy will not only make it easy for people to bring the products back, but it will help instil a sense of trust and confidence in customers.

Visual Appeal

Another essential factor on the list of Shopify web design blog is visual appeal. Not many people know that they have a mere 4 seconds to impress their visitors. Since perception is everything, your Shopify store must have quality images. You can consider the product photography as an ambassador of your brand.

Your customers cannot feel, taste, try or wear the product, so they solely rely on the visuals. A great tip is to use a white background for photos.

There are other factors that contribute to the appearance of the website like colours, accessibility, and fonts.

Therefore, I hope this Shopify web design blog will help improve the design of the website.

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