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SEO Facts Everyone Should Know

The online world has become extremely competitive. There are new websites being launched every single day. Hence, it can be difficult to stand out. Remember, a single piece of gum is just a nuisance, only when you have thousands of such pieces will you have a tourist attraction. You might not have heard about this digital marketing phrase but it is one that explains the secret to SEO Wirral success. It simply means that a good article is just not enough. You need to have a ton of optimised content to attract visitors from different searches. The following SEO Wirral facts will allow you to better understand what it is all about.

25% Of SEO Is On-Page And The Remaining 75% Is Off-Page

One of the most important SEO facts that you need to know about is that 25% of SEO tends to be on-page and the rest of it is off-page. Whether you are new to SEO or have been working with SEO for some time now, there are two elements that allow you to improve SEO. These include creating relevant content that people search for and attracting links. They are known as on-page (your website) and off-page (someone elseโ€™s website). You need to first produce relevant content by including words that you intend to rank for. However, this technique has a limit. This is why it is also important to create content that others would want to link to. It is treated as a vote by search engines and boosts your ranking.

A Majority of Internet Users Search before Making a Purchase

Another important SEO fact that you need to know about is that most internet users search for something before buying it. This means that there is plenty of search traffic that consists of potential customers. Thus, you have to optimise the website for them.

Page Titles Are Extremely Effective

After content, page titles are extremely effective when it comes to on-page elements. A common mistake most websites end up making is that they do not create an effective page title. It is vital to create a targeted page title. It is the first thing that people read when your site appears on the SERPs. When you optimise the page title, your ranking will experience a huge boost. Always include the keyword in the page title for the best result.

Click-Through Rates Jump When You Come Up With Persuasive Meta Descriptions

If you do not know what a Meta description is, it is the brief preview that appears under the link on the SERP. It provides readers with an idea of what to expect from your webpage. Hence, it is crucial to craft a persuasive Meta description to increase the click-through rate. Always create unique Meta descriptions for every web page to attract clicks.


The SEO facts mentioned in this post will help you utilise the potential of SEO and take your website to the next level.