SEO / Web Design

David Dodd Podiatrist

About The Project

David Dodd is a self-employed podiatrist, providing podiatry and chiropody treatments to clients across Wirral. David contacted us and asked us to design a website to give his business an online presence, to help attract new clients and to act as a point of contact.

The client wanted the website to be clear and concise, just providing the necessary information. The website also had to be easy to navigate and eye-catching across all devices.


Our team designed and developed a simple, easy to use responsive one-page website. This makes the website really easy to navigate with the page broken down in concise, easy to digest sections. The website has now given the business an online presence and acts as the main contact point for clients.

Having a great website means nothing if it can’t be found. Our highly talented SEO team has taken the website from not ranking at all to page one of Google for the search term β€˜Podiatrist in Wirralβ€˜. This has led to a significant increase in website traffic, enquiries and sales.