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Signs That Is Is Time For A New Ecommerce Website

To the majority of people shopping online an outdated website is a massive put off. An outdated website can lead to a decrease in enquiries and orders. Your website is essentially a first impression of your business so it is vital that your website is eye catching and modern.

In this blog post we are going to discuss some signs that it is time for a new website, for your business.

Slow Loading

Search engines now factor in loading speed as a ranking factor. It is now recommended that a website should take no longer than 3 seconds to load. Badly written HTML, large image files and poor hosting can all contribute to a website loading slowly.


Over 61% of people now browse the web using mobile devices. This is why it is imperative that your website is responsive and looks great across all devices. An unresponsive website can lead to a significant loss in sales. Search engines, such as Google, now recommend that all websites are mobile friendly and they also now use it as a ranking factor in their algorithm.

Broken Pages/Hyperlinks

If your website has broken pages or hyperlinks your user will be taken to a 404-error page. If a user comes across this a couple of times on your website they are likely to abandon it all together, which increases the bounce rate of your website.

Poor Search Engine Rankings

If your website isn’t performing well in search engines it may be time to assess if your website is properly optimised for search engines. You should review your websites code for quality, your hosting for speed and pages for keyword stuffing if your website isn’t ranking well. New quality content can help your website rise up the rankings.

Flash Modules

If your website is full of Flash modules you should really consider a new website. Google announced that their Chrome web browser, one of the most popular, is going to stop supporting Flash. This means that if you have a flash website errors will appear where the flash modules would usually appear.

No Social Media Integration

It is pretty much industry standard now for website blogs to have social media share buttons. These allow users to share your blog posts with their friends and followers with a click of a button. This is great for your business as it can increase your websites visitors and can increase sales. It is also important that your website has links to your social media profiles. Many visitors like to visit a business’s Facebook and Twitter pages, as it allows them to interact with the business on a personal level.

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