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Key Elements of Responsive Web Design

Everyone is aware of the fact that responsive web design is crucial for attracting and retaining visitors. The first thing your visitor will notice on your website is its design. If the design is outdated or complex, people will not stay on your website longer.

But do you know what makes a web design responsive or good? What elements should your web design have?

In this post, we have highlighted the main elements of good web design.

Focus on Consistency

One of the first things that annoy and frustrates your visitor is not offering a consistent browsing experience. This increases page abandonment and bounce rates. You need to ensure your website design is consistent no matter from which platform it is accessed.

Additionally, you need to make sure information is easily accessible to all users. Make it easy for your visitor to find vital details. It is crucial to make it hassle-free for your visitors to find contact information, main content, and the navigation menu.

Navigation is Important

Another key element of web design is navigation. The quality of user experience is directly linked to navigation. There is a lot going on in the lives of your visitors, the last thing they want is a website that doesn’t offer good navigation.

Every user expects to find what they are looking for without any trouble. By having menus, it will increase the navigability of your site. This will help in improving user experience and help your website stand out from the crowd.

Compatibility Has a Vital Role

This is the most important element. Since your visitors will be using different platforms, it is essential for your website to compatible with all platforms. In recent times, people tend to use the internet on their mobile phones.

Does this mean you should focus on making your site mobile-friendly only? Well, it will be better to have a website that is optimised across all platforms.

Images Must be Top-class

When it comes to responsive design, quality images have a key role to play. Though internet speed has greatly improved, many people use not so speedy broadband or mobile connections. To make sure the loading time is not compromised, you must have optimised images.

If your webpage takes a lot of time to load, your visitor will leave the page as they are not so patient. This is why you should resize or compress images to have a small size but high-quality.

Don’t Forget Whitespace

Many people believe that whitespace is useless and can be used for advertising your services. Well, this is a misconception. Space is left white for a reason. Whitespace will let your customer focus on the content rather than wasting time on other information. This will act as a page break, make it easy for the visitor to read the content. It will make them comfortable and enhance the user experience.

All in all, these five elements are crucial for every web design. If you need to improve the web design of your existing website, feel free to contact us.

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