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An Introduction To Pay Per Click Advertising

PPC (Pay Per Click) is a type of online advertising in which you don’t pay a set amountΒ for an advertisement, you instead pay only when a user clicks on your Ad. The CPC (Cost Per Click) can change depending on how many Ads are ‘bidding’ to appear for the same search phrases. The higher bids have a better change of appearing first in the search results. PPC Ads appear above and below the non-paid organic search engine results. The most popular place to put pay per click is on Google, using their Adwords platform, and Bing using Bing Ads.

Advantages of PPC

  • Attract people who are interested – you only pay when someone who is interested in Your Ad engages with it. You are then able to look at the analytics in real time and see the number of engagements, time spent on your website and various other things. This is different from traditional adverts, such as flyers, as you have no idea how many of your target audience engage with your advertisements after paying a large set fee.
  • Control your costs – With PPC advertising you can control your budget with ease. PPC platforms, such as Google Adwords, allow you to set caps on your daily spend and you can always change this with a few clicks. However, you can’t expect to see big results with a small budget, although it depends on how competitive the industry and keywords you are bidding for are.
  • Target your audience – PPC allows you to target your advertisements towards your target audience. PPC platforms allow you to choose your audience based on demographics such as location, language, device, website, time, date and more.
  • Customisable – While your PPC campaign is running you are able to make small changes to improve your advert based on what works best.

Disadvantages of PPC

  • No guarantee of conversions – Clicks on your advert and visits to your website don’t always lead to sales. Once the user lands on your website you still need to convince them with your content.
  • Can be costly- PPC Can be costly for small businesses if it is not working and isn’t implemented properly. Companies with small budgets should monitor their adverts and implement them with care, if they want to achieve results.
  • Need knowledge of PPC – It can take practice to setup a PPC campaign that is effective. If you setup a PPC campaign wrong it can lead to costly mistakes. This is why many small businesses hire marketing companies, such as ourselves, to run their campaigns.

If you are interested in running a PPC campaign then get in touch with us today. Our experienced team can run a PPC campaign on your behalf, to help your business get the best results for your budget. You can email us at hello@ctrlaltcreate.co or call us on 0793 9006 826.