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Instagram Hints & Tips

Discover the best time to post your images

Using Iconosquare you are able to analyse engagement with your profile, to work out the optimum time for posting your photos to maximise likes, follower growth and more.

instagram marketing wirralCatch out the #NoFilter fakers

By using Filter Fakers you can catch out the pathological liars using the #NoFilter hashtag.

instagram wirralAdd hashtags after posting an image

If you have uploaded an image but forgotten to add any hashtags, fear not. You can still do this by adding the hashtags in the comments. People will then be able to find your photo when searching for the hashtags you have used.

This method of adding hashtags also gets rid of the massive paragraph of hashtags if you choose to share the image on other social media platforms.

instagram marketing wirralSending private photos to your friends

The ‘Instagram Direct’ feature acts as a messaging service for photos and videos. The feature allows you to share your photos and videos privately, with up to 15 friends. To open Instagram Direct go to the Instagram home screen and select the drawer icon in the top right of the app. This will open up Instagram Direct.

instagram marketing wirralHide or remove tagged pictures

When someone tags you in a photo it will be visible to other users in the ‘Photos of me’ section of your profile. If there is a photo that you would not like to appear in this section, then it is easy to remove. Go to the ‘Photos of me’ section and go to the photo you would like to remove. Now tap the photo so that your Instagram username appears then tap the username. This will bring up a menu that will allow you to ‘Hide from profile’.

instagram marketing wirralUse less data on Instagram

By default, Instagram preloads videos so that they can play faster. To stop this happening, and to save yourself data, do the following:

instagram marketing wirralRemove geotags from images

Geotags display information about where you have taken your photographs. In your photomap you and other users will be able to see the location of each photo. If you want to remove any of these images from the photo map do the following:instagram wirral

Stop saving posted images to your phone

Instagram automatically saves your posted photos to your phone. To stop this do the following:

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