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The Importance Of Typography In Web Design

In web design it is vital that you choose good typography, if you want the website to be successful. Typography has a huge impact on numerous aspects of a website. These include readability, user experience, perceived length of page, mood and more. Here at Ctrl Alt Create, we find nothing more frustrating when you visit a website with text that is in a hard to read, fancy font!

Web Fonts

With ever increasing screen sizes and resolutions it is important that your typography is responsive and ‘web safe’, so that it displays correctly. Fonts that are not web safe may not render consistently in all browsers and they may not be legible when displayed on smaller sized screens.

If you are looking for some ‘web safe’ fonts, that are suitable for web design, we recommend you check out Google Fonts.

Tips To Provide Good Typography In Web Design

  • Consistency – Use one font throughout the website design, to provide consistency.
  • Spacing – Use a font with reasonable spacing between letters, words and lines to make it easy to read.
  • Large CountersΒ – Choose a font with large counters to improve readability.
  • Alignment – The way you align your text can dictate how the reader looks through the content. We recommend that you don’t use justified text. This works well in newspapers but not websites.
  • Weight – Changing the font weight to highlight keywords and phrases can enhance readability for users. This is a better option than using multiple fonts.

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