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Guide To Local SEO

If you want to take your business to the next level, you need to focus on local SEO. It is especially important for small businesses since 4 out of 5 consumers search for local information. If your business has not been optimised for local SEO, you are only catering to 20% of potential customers and are overlooking 80% of them. Local SEO allows you to stay relevant and compete with other businesses. This guide aims to help you optimise for local SEO.

What Is Local SEO?

For those of you that do not know what local SEO is, it involves SEO activities which help the business to promote its products or services to local customers and prospects. Search engines gather information that includes local content, citations, links, social profile pages, and other information that they find to be the most relevant.

How Can You Optimise for Local Search?

The following tips will help you optimize for local search in no time.

Google My Business

When it comes to local search, Google My Business is something that you cannot afford to overlook. Google values content it can verify and support. Google My Business is a tool that allows businesses to meet the needs of Google. By verifying the business as authentic, it rewards the business by including it in the Google local search section. This is why it is crucial to create a Google My Business page and get it verified.

Enhance the Internal Linking Structure

The importance of internal linking structure for boosting your local SEO cannot be stressed enough. You might be wondering why internal linking matters. It ranks the power among pages and helps distribute page authority. Moreover, it also supports website navigation and assists with the website hierarchy including the information architecture of the website.

Optimise Content, Meta Description, Headers, Title Tags, and URL

To boost your local SEO, you need to optimise your content. Keep in mind that each blog post has an indexed page that targets a specific geographic phrase. Thus, it provides you with an opportunity to rank on the search engine results page. To optimise content for search engines, make sure to use high-volume keywords in the title, Meta description, header, URL, and body.

Include Local Pages on the Website

If your business has multiple branches or locations, it is a good idea to create location pages. They provide the readers with the address of each branch, its phone number, store description, operating hours, and customer testimonials.

Post Local Content

As Google is getting smarter by the day, content creators need to write content for local users. It means that businesses should not write for search engines but instead for users. Although you can write about general topics, it is better to write about local news to attract local users. Become a local authority in the industry by sharing content about local industry gatherings, employees, news, and educational content.


Once you have gone over this guide, you will have a good understanding of local SEO and how to optimise your website and business for local users.

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