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Googles Answer To The Iphone

Googles much anticipated Pixel smartphone is set to launch on the 20th October. The Pixel is the first smartphone that Google has developed inside out. Google has developed both the hardware and software for the Pixel.

google pixelGoogle is desperate to try and lure people away from Apples IOS to Android Nougat. Each Pixel phone comes with an adapter that allows users to transfer their data from IOS to Android, with just a few clicks. Google is hoping this will help in convincing IPhone fans to jump ship.

The Pixel phone comes with a 1080p Full HD AMOLED display, constructed from Gorilla Glass 4. It also comes loaded with a super-fast processor and a quick charging battery. A finger print scanner is also included on the rear of the phone. Unlimited photo and video back up to Googles cloud storage comes with every phone, which is a huge selling point.

google pixelWill Google be able to lure a significant percentage of consumers from Apple? Only time will tell.