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What Is The Difference Between Web Design & Web Development?

Our team are often asked what the difference is between web design & web development. Essentially web design refers to the appearance and usability of a website. Our web designers use applications like Photoshop to design the layout and visuals of web pages.

web design wirralIn contrast, web development is the process of turning a website design into a functioning website. Web developers use programming languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript & PHP to creating working versions of the design files created by web designers.

web design wirral

So What Is The Difference?

Web Design

  • Focuses on the appearance of the website
  • Uses Photoshop to design the layout & visuals of a website
  • Good at colour scheming
  • Great graphic design skills

Web Developer

  • Uses HTML, CSS & JavaScript to develop web page
  • Competent in PHP, .NET, Python & other programing languages
  • Develops the UI that was designed by the web designer

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