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How to Choose the Right WordPress Theme

When it comes to selecting a WordPress theme, it is common to feel overwhelmed by the abundance of choice. There are plenty of free themes and paid ones. WordPress web design in Wirral is the way to go. Many of the themes might look perfect for your website. But, you must choose one that suits your website best. Since most WordPress themes have many customisation options, if they are not properly coded, it could be difficult to change the theme or utilise the plugins. On the other hand, some themes might look attractive but slow down your website. As the WordPress theme you use is what visitors look at, you must choose the right WordPress theme. The following should be considered to do so.

Aim For Simplicity

One of the most important things that you need to keep in mind when looking for a WordPress theme is to find one that offers simplicity. The importance of simplicity cannot be stressed enough. You do not need a theme that has lots of flashy animations, complicated layouts, or colours. To design a sophisticated WordPress website, you should stick to simplicity. Choose a theme that allows you to achieve your goal. The theme should look good but must not compromise on simplicity and usability. Thus, the presentation style of the theme should not be overly complicated.

Responsiveness Is Crucial

Gone are the days where website owners had the option to consider responsive design, now it has become a necessity. Choose a responsive theme that adjusts the layout for different devices and screen sizes. Since a huge chunk of the web traffic consists of mobile and handheld device users, the design must be responsive to such devices. The design needs to make the website more mobile-friendly to boost traffic and conversion. Google ranks websites that are mobile-ready and responsive. Although most WordPress themes these days tend to be responsive, you still need to make sure that you do not go for one that has a fixed-width layout.

Browser Compatibility

People use different browsers to access websites. The theme can look perfect on your browser, but it might appear broken in other browsers. Hence, you need to choose a theme that offers maximum browser compatibility. Run basic tests to determine if the theme works on different browsers such as Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.

Supported Plugins

Many people underestimate the power of useful plugins. If you want your website to perform well, you need to choose a WordPress theme that has supported plugins for you to use. The plugins will allow you to do anything you want to the website. There are plenty of WordPress plugins that come in handy such as W3 Total Cache, Gravity Forms, and more.


This post will help you determine which WordPress theme will suit your website best. You must test out the theme before using it. Keep in mind that free does not necessarily mean the best. Hence, you should be willing to spend some money on getting a quality WordPress theme.