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Basics Of Web Design

Becoming a web-designer is about more than just learning all the HTML tags. If you want to truly impress others when creating web design wirral, you need to master the basics. This post will help you do that. Only the most important tips are mentioned to point you in the right direction. Follow the tips below to create an amazing website.

1. Check the Source

The first thing that you need to do when working on web design is to check the source. Go through different sites and check their source code. It is an effective way to learn the HTML tricks needed to create an excellent site. When you visit the website, click on “View Source”. It will show you the code that created it. The best way to read the code is by opening it on Notepad. Find the code that represents the best section of the website. Then, you can easily copy and paste snippets of the code to utilize it for your site. It is a great way to learn a lot of things.

2. Hand Code

Hand coding offers a great way to master web design. Many amateur web designers go straight to Dream Weaver and do not know how to fix issues with the code. This is where hand-coding comes into place. It allows you to have better control over your website design. With hand code, you will be closer to the code and can easily incorporate things that you like. When you code in a text editor, the pages will download quicker. Handing coding might seem difficult at first, but it will help you master coding.

3. Learn CSS

CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) plays a crucial role in the development of a website. It allows you to transform the way your website looks and feels by editing one file. You can format the website and design pages to appear more aesthetically pleasing. Besides, if you have a hang of HTML, you would not have trouble using CSS. Style Sheets are a vital skill that lets you create truly amazing pages.

4. Master Presentation

The page should be structured into blocks by using frames, layers, or tables. Make sure to have definite navigation, supplementary boxes, and content. People will have an idea of where to look as the presentation should be intuitive. Never stack the page elements on top of one another. It would only lead to unnecessary scrolled which is something that users abhor. Utilize horizontal screen space to better align the navigation links. Insert pictures to allow the content to flow effortlessly.

5. Colors

Having an understanding of color theory will come in extremely handy in web design. Light colors should be used for the body since bright colors are too loud and will make users feel uncomfortable looking at the website. Pastel shades are the best option as they do not strain the eyes and are elegant at the same time.


This post will help you understand the basics of web design to design an outstanding website that will blow everyone’s mind. Each tip mentioned is important.

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