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Amazing Web Design Facts That You Just Have To Know About

Unlike a decade ago when creating a website used to be quite complicated, creating one today is a whole lot easier. There are plenty of free platforms like WordPress that allow you to create a stunning website fast. However, when it comes to optimising the site for user experience and conversions, things are more difficult. This post looks at amazing web design Wirral facts that will also help you improve your site.

The Average Attention Span Of People Has Decreased to 8 Seconds from 12 Seconds

The average internet user has just an attention span of 8 seconds. Even a goldfish, at 9 seconds has an attention span that is more than humans. This is why it is crucial to deliver content to your target audience in the shortest time. If you fail to do so, visitors will simply look elsewhere and your website’s bounce rate would increase.

Two-Thirds Of Web Usage Is From Mobile Devices

Mobile devices have become extremely common these days. Just about everyone has a mobile device. This had led to a shift in how people surf the web. Gone are the days when surfing the web was done in a desktop environment. People tend to use the internet on the go. Thus, it is vital that you optimise the website for mobile devices. Besides, Google ranks mobile-friendly sites higher than non-mobile-friendly sites.

People Prefer Lists More Than Huge Paragraphs

Nobody has the time to read long paragraphs. People often feel overwhelmed when they come across large paragraphs and end up not reading it. This is where lists come into place. Although a text-heavy page might be great for SEO, it is not the case with human readers. Therefore, you should use lists and provide bold headers to each text so that people can easily skim through the content to look for what they want.

Demographic Influences User Behaviour

There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all website. Such a website would only provide your users with a non-optimised experience. This is why you should study visitor demographics to create a site that they will be more drawn to.

70% Of Consumers Find Companies Through Their Blog

The importance of having a blog cannot be stressed enough. It allows you to attract new customers organically. When you create a website, there is no reason to not include a blog. Even if you publish content once every week or even in a month, you will be able to generate many new customers.

About 3 Billion Google Searches Are Made Daily

Since 3 billion Google searches are made daily, you cannot overlook SEO. It is just as important as web design. Make sure to conduct plenty of research on which keywords and SEO techniques to use to boost your traffic.


The web design Wirral facts mentioned in this post will open your mind to how you can fully optimise your website.