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4 Amazing Local SEO Tips to Follow in 2020

Do you want your business to show up at the right time when the local searchers are looking? Will they choose your services out of all the local businesses?

We know customers are always looking for the best services and products nearby and they don’t have the patience- they want answers fast!

If you want to rank in top searches, you will have to focus on local SEO Wirral.

Here are some great tips for you to improve your ranking.

Use Keywords in Title Tag

Though this is a timeless SEO approach, it is still a great tip for local businesses. Local businesses should optimise the title tag of the homepage with around 2 to 3 keywords.

For instance, you want to have a homepage optimised around keywords “Wirral bathroom remodeling” and “kitchen remodeling Wirral”.

A title tag could be something like:

“Wirral Bathroom, Kitchen, & Home Remodeling”.

Using such title tags, you can rank in top search results.

This tip works wonders for all local businesses since they don’t have a strong internal linking structure. Mostly businesses backlink to their homepage. So, you must optimise it using several keywords to get the most value out of it.

Make Meta Descriptions for Local Searchers

Without a doubt, the description is an excellent way of improving the organic clickthrough rate (CTR). Yet, many businesses use descriptions that are stuffed with keywords.

For instance, Call ABC Roofing and Siding at xxx-xxx-xxxx to learn more about ABC in London.

This might seem like a good meta description, but it is not.

Instead, you should go for compelling descriptions. Something like this,

“We are a roofing and siding company based in London specialising in roofing. Click here to learn more.”

This description will definitely attract customers and will get clicks.

You can even use words like “Save”, or “Price Guarantee” as these will get more clicks and improve your local SEO Wirral.

Add Google Map on your About Page

One of the best ways to emphasize you are located in a certain area is to embed a google map on your About Us page. It is an easy and simple tip to improve your local SEO Wirral.

All you have to do is find your business on Google Maps and click on the dropdown menu. Click on Share or Embed Map and get embed code. You can use it for embedding the map on the page.

Use Location Focused Keywords

Another great local SEO Wirral tip is to use location-based keywords for improving organic rankings. Try to use keywords with a location on the top of your page, like in a headline.

You can write a headline like “Locksmith Manchester- Emergency Locksmiths”

Everyone knows that when a searcher lands on your page, you will only have 4 seconds to attract their attention. So, they need to know right away the area you serve. When they see such a headline, they will go back to search results if they are looking for some other area.

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